Service at Lans Medicum Holistic medicine and natural healing is our concept

With its unique combination of modern medicine and scientifically substantiated complementary therapies, the LANS Med Concept is considered one of the most successful methods for disease prevention and regeneration. LANS Medicum offers you everything you need for your personal wellbeing, from time-tested F.X. Mayr medicine to the cutting-edge methods of spine measurement with Diers 4D.

Holistic therapies and modern medicine meet in Hamburg

The integrative approach and the thought-out system of diagnosis and therapy techniques of the LANS Med Concept not only helps combat disease, it also promotes health. Our concept was established and developed for over three decades at our headquarters Lanserhof Lans in Tirol and at our second health centre Lanserhof Tegernsee, which opened in January 2014. Today, holistic medicine, a unique combination of alternative methods and conventional medicine, also has its place at LANS Medicum in Hamburg.

Thanks to the knowledge gained over the last decades, LANS Medicum offers expertise in the following areas:

  • LANS Med check-up
  • Sports and exercise medicine
  • Orthopaedics
  • Cardiology
  • Internal medicine
  • Psychotherapy and mental coaching
  • TCM
  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Hypoxia or altitude training
  • Personal training
  • Athletic training and medical training therapy
  • Modern Mayr Medicine

Holistic medicine beyond treatment

LANS Medicum is a future-oriented outpatient clinic that applies the holistic approach of the LANS Med Concept. We make the diagnosis, carry out the treatment and guide you through the entire healing process. After the diagnosis, we work out individual therapies for you that address both symptoms and causes. We will also show you how to integrate these methods into your everyday life after your stay. We are your reliable, trustworthy partner in all health matters and our aim is to become your personal health coach.