Service at Lans Medicum Medical training therapy (MKT) and targeted athletic training

targeted athletic training

In high-performance sports, athletic training is used for bringing out the full performance potential and represents the ideal supplement to any sport-specific training. This is why we take a holistic approach instead of an isolated one when working with athletes. Here, our fundamental pillars are the basic motor skills, which include strength, endurance, coordination and agility. Requirements of the respective sport and the individual athlete’s needs, strengths and shortcomings, determine the specific sequencing of these four components. Optimal performance and injury prevention are the outcome. Ever since the 2006 FIFA World Cup, athletic training plays an integral role of any ambitious team training plan.

Succeeding with functional MKT-training

Unlike regular weight training where athletes only focus on an isolated group of muscles, functional exercises use the three planes of human motion, the frontal, sagittal and transversal motion.

Medical training therapy does not merely seek to build strength, but it also aims to improve the athlete’s performance and even helps to avoid injuries.

Functional MKT-training is an all-encompassing concept and suitable for all forms of sport. Athletes are able to find warm-up exercises that offer a combination between strength training and the basic types of movement, such as jumping, running and sideways motion. Sports medical diagnostics, close coordination with coaches, consideration of training phases and performance monitoring are essential tools for our effective athletic training at LANS Medicum.

Medical Training Therapy with a system

MKT-therapy adjusts the individual’s physical performance to a previously established training target. By implementing a systematically structured training plan, our MKT-therapists in Hamburg work with you in order to achieve your desired performance goals. These goals can range from improved performance in recreational sport to successfully competing in a professional sport.

Furthermore, we assist you in regaining your full potential after an injury and guide you through the recovery process. We make sure to reduce any existing pain symptoms until you are ready to get back to your everyday routine or reach your highest athletic performance level.


Perfect equipment for a successful MKT-therapy

You can meet your personal target by relying on our specific training methods and equipment. Next to regularly monitoring your current performance levels, we also know that effective medical training therapy requires appropriate equipment. At LANS Medicum, you have access to the most modern and versatile sports medical training equipment in Hamburg.