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Tailored to your needs

At LANS Medicum Hamburg, we accompany athletes on their way to their personal goals. Our performance diagnosis is individual and is tailored to your needs. Our experience has shown that every goal-oriented sportsman benefits from a good performance diagnosis. Would you like to use your time effectively and prepare optimally for your goals? Do you want to know more about your performance and how to make the most of your potential? Our team at LANS Medicum supports you on your way.


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  • What is your initial physical situation?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What are your goals?
  • Which parameters are decisive for your sport?

In the course of the telephone consultation we would like to know how you define your personal goals. We inform you about our offer and decide which parameters and which diagnostics are relevant for your sport. An in-depth consultation is the cornerstone of our services and the key to good performance diagnostics.


Depending on the requirements, we perform a series of diagnostics to ensure that all relevant data is taken into account.

We offer the following diagnostics:

  • basal metabolism measurement: € 40.43
  • bioimpedance analysis (measurement of body composition): € 37,26
  • Measurement of lung function at rest: € 14,69
  • exercise ECG: € 59,66
  • spiroergometry on the treadmill: € 131,48
  • spiroergometry on the bike (including exercise ECG): € 191,14
  • spiroergometry including lactate measurement on the treadmill: € 205,23
  • spiroergometry incl. lactate measurement on the bike (including exercise ECG): € 264,89
  • heart rate variability measurement: € 122,21
  • spine examination: € 277.93
  • leg stasis analysis: € 110.17

We also offer cycling-specific tests:

  • determination of the Functional Threshhold Power (FTP)
  • critical power analysis (CP)
  • assessment of anaerobic performance (Wingate test, isokinetic maximum force test)

Various ergometers are available for the cycling test.


After analysing the previously collected data, they will be discussed in detail with you. Furthermore, you will receive your individual training areas as well as a recommendation for further training and / or nutrition with regard to your goals.

Because structured training is the key to improving performance.


For a detailed implementation of the gained insights into a practice-oriented training, we also offer individual training support. This takes into account your personal requirements and capacities and includes the following services:

  • Detailed framework planning
  • Continuous individual training planning
  • Regular feedback from our sports scientists
  • Nutritional recommendations for training and competition

€ 99, – Training support 1 month
€ 249, – Training support 3 months

€ 449, – Training support 6 months
€ 79, – Peak-Training (training plan for max. 8 weeks, without supervision)