Service at Lans Medicum Personal Training for maximum Fitness

Your personal trainer in Hamburg

Being active and moving around freely: An essential part of the LANS Med concept is positive body awareness. For many of us, it’s difficult to put our resolutions into practice. Not enough time and motivation or unrealistic goals can be the cause. If you want to optimise your training, LANS Medicum Hamburg can offer you personal training that is tailored to your specific needs. It is our mission to increase your performance and boost your fitness level.

In Germany, personal training gained popularity by the end of the 90s and today it seems to be on everyone’s lips. Since the job title “personal trainer” is not legally protected and an officially recognised certification does not exist, almost anyone could call themselves a “personal trainer”. That is why it can be difficult to find a competent fitness coach. However, you can rely on our highly qualified sports scientists in Hamburg, who will offer you the best possible individual training.

Success-oriented and systematic personal training

In order to get to know you, we first test your muscular system, endurance and coordination. Based on our findings and your input, we develop the most ideal training plan that is easy to integrate into your everyday routine. In one-on-one sessions, our personal trainers and sports scientists in Hamburg walk you through a tailored training program. Whether you are aiming for a particular athletic target or if you are struggling to get back to your best form due to physical setbacks, the personalised workouts help you to reach your personal goals. Moreover, the exercises promote mental balance, increase oxygen intake and thus, have a rejuvenating effect decreasing your biological age.

Our personal trainers help you to reach your peak form

Our personal training takes an interdisciplinary approach and is constantly evolving through your feedback and our regular fitness checks. Normally, your training plan is comprised of tailored strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination elements. If requested, we can perform additional sports medical examinations, a mobility test and a physiotherapeutic diagnosis. The results will be reflected in your training plan. Feel lighter and develop completely new body awareness by following your individualised training plan.

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