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Preventive approach for riders

Usually, after horse riding, happiness hormones should flow through the body, but for some, it´s pain. If you experience pain after riding, you should definitely look into the cause. At our sports medical centre LANS Medicum in Hamburg, we offer horse riders a preventive approach for existing complaints. Often it is assumed that the root of the problem lies with the horse. Only in the next step do the riders consider that they themselves might have malpositions, an imbalance or training deficits. The causes are usually hard to detect for a general practitioner. Malpositions of the spine, restricted movement of the ankle joints or muscular deficits, but also the choice of the wrong material such as boots or saddle are all potential explanations. The correct conclusion is a visit to an orthopaedist and sports physician.

Our team of experts consisting of physicians, physiotherapists and sports scientists has developed a test together with movement trainer and Horse Manager Christina Starck, which uncovers such deficits and problems and makes a quick diagnosis possible. With the help of the test results, a concept is then developed that strives to optimise the interplay between rider and horse. The basis for this is a video of the rider on his or her horse, taken by the trainer. Together with Christina Starck, our team can then carry out an exact posture analysis based on the recordings showing the rider in action.

After this the rider is checked from head to toe by doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists. Together, thet then draw up a therapy and training plan.
The aim is for the rider to be free of pain and discomfort before and after riding and to create the necessary basic fitness to prevent problems in the future. This also relieves the horse, eliminates the need to compensate for misalignments: The interaction between rider and horse is optimised and a significant increase in performance can be achieved.


The horse rider test by physiotherapists and sports physicians at LANS Medicum Hamburg includes the following services:

  • Saddle seat check by Christina Starck (video analysis)
  • Measurement of the spinal column and leg statics, if necessary supply of insoles
  • Assessment of the boots, if necessary with an orthopaedic mechanic
  • Physiotherapeutic assessment (mobility, statics, muscular deficits, functional and coordinative tests)
  • EMG measurement with biofeedback and maximum force measurement under EMG control
  • Testing the stability of the abdomen and spine
  • Tools are individually adapted to the rider (dressage, show jumping, individual athletes), depending on the video analysis.

In the end, the awareness of the rider for his own body is enhanced and thus the interaction between horse and rider is optimised


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