Orthopedics focuses on ailments and malformations of the musculoskeletal system. The term was coined in 1741 by Parisian paediatrician Nicolas Andry. In his work, “Orthopaedia”, he compares the orthopedist to a gardener who straps a crooked small tree to a strong stake. With Johann Georg Heine from Würzburg, modern orthopedics entered the medical world in 1816. However, the subject has been adopted and taught at universities only since the 1970s.

Our highly qualified orthopedic specialists in Hamburg are always at your service

The practice for orthopedics at LANS Medicum Hamburg has extensive experience in treating orthopedic disorders and specialises in sports orthopedics. Our orthopedic doctors work closely with therapists in order to identify chronic overloading or improper weight-bearing situations and treat them in a preventative or moderating manner.

Orthopedic medicine in Hamburg: quick diagnosis and superior treatment

Our goal is to give you specific training recommendations adjusted to the sport you practice in order to find sustainable solutions for your problems.

In the field of regenerative orthopedics at LANS Medicum Hamburg, we can help you by applying targeted physical methods, also known as conservative methods. Experience shows that this often makes surgical procedures obsolete. We want to activate your body’s own ability to strengthen joints and muscles, so that the progression of further damage can be prevented. In case of an injury, you will get back on your feet more quickly and regain your old mobility. At LANS Medium Hamburg, you will find that all (sports) orthopedic measures are available at a central location in downtown Hamburg.

Computer-based data to create orthopedic insoles

With the measurement technology DIERS 4D, LANS Medicum is able to measure the pressure under your feet, your pelvic position, the form of your spine and your body’s center of gravity at a glance. This data collection helps us to develop the optimal orthopedic and posture correcting inlays, suitable for high performance sports and everyday life.